Webster Staff Directory 2016-2017

Bethany Mitidieri Principal [email protected]
Tiffany Cantwell Assistant Principal [email protected]
Christy Chancey Curriculum Resource Coordinator [email protected]
Tammy Witt Secretary / Bookkeeper [email protected]
Clint Stoever Behavior Specialist [email protected]
Robert Shank Maintenance Manager [email protected]
Michele Garren Cafeteria Manager [email protected]
Non-Instructional Assignments
Marcia McNabb Data Entry Operator [email protected]
Catherine Stevens Receptionist [email protected]
Nina Hall School Nurse [email protected]
Mattie Mitchell Self Care Aide
Penny Angelus Guidance Clerk  [email protected]
Instructional Assignments
Alyssa Socket Guidance Counselor Web Site [email protected]
Mr. Kehoe Instructional Substitute [email protected]
Ms. Lahatte Title I Reading Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Gurick Kindergarten Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Moore Kindergarten Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Booth Kindergarten Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Wright Kindergarten Teacher  [email protected]
1st Grade
Ms. Flores 1st Grade Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Orta 1st Grade Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Price 1st Grade Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Wright 1st Grade Teacher [email protected]
2nd Grade
Ms. Every 2nd Grade Teacher Web Site [email protected]
Ms. Valdez 2nd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Frank 2nd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Grace 2nd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Colsant 2nd Grade Teacher [email protected]
3rd Grade
Mrs. Devany 3rd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Daniel 3rd Grade Teacher Web Site [email protected]
Mr. Arnold 3rd Grade Teacher   [email protected]
Ms. Villacci 3rd Grade Teacher Web Site [email protected]
Ms. Povia 3rd Grade Teacher [email protected]
4th Grade
Ms. Fairchild 4th Grade Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Hansen 4th Grade Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Thomas 4th Grade Teacher Web Site [email protected]
Ms. Marsh 4th Grade Teacher  [email protected]
5th Grade
Mr. Raimann 5th Grade Science [email protected]
Mr. Bradshaw 5th Grade Math [email protected]
Ms. Serrano 5th Grade ELA/Social Studies [email protected]
Ms. Abbey 5th Grade
ELA/Social Studies
[email protected]
Title 1
Ms. Green Title 1- Para Professional [email protected]
Instructional Coachs
Ms. Spencer Literacy Coach [email protected]
Mr. Hall Math Coach [email protected]
Pre K/ VPK
Erica Burt Pre-K [email protected]
Jacqueline Mathis  Pre-K [email protected]
Donna Dingler  Pre-K  Web Site  [email protected]
Orreshia Spencer  Pre-K  [email protected]
Kim Duvall  Pre-K  [email protected]
Rachel Livezey Pre-K [email protected]
Erin Arnold Itinerant Gifted Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Cason ESE Teacher [email protected]
Mr. Hansen ESE Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Miller ESE Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Oliver ESE Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Shanahan ESE Teacher Web Site [email protected]
Mrs. Williamson  ESE Teacher  [email protected]
Ms. Yee Kee VI/O&M Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Caplinger Occupational Therapist
Ms. P. Whitlock Physical Therapist [email protected]
Ms. Weeks Assistive Technology [email protected]
Ms. Gullo Psychologist [email protected]
Ms. Farris Hospital Homebound
Speech and Language
 Ms. Byrne  Speech and Language Pathologist  [email protected]
Ms. Minkoff  Speech and Language Pathologist  [email protected]
Ms. Spies Speech and Language Pathologist  [email protected]
Resource Teachers
Coach Thomas PE [email protected]
Ms. Lietz Art [email protected]
Ms. Nelson Music [email protected]
Ms. Bauer Media Specialist Web Site [email protected]
Support Staff
Ms. Bartley  Para Professional
Ms. Bishop Para Professional [email protected]
Ms. Boykin Para Professional [email protected]
Mrs. Fazio Media Technician [email protected]
Ms. Finch Para Professional
Mrs. Green Para Professional
Ms. Lane Para Professional
Ms. Michalik Para Professional
Mrs. Sullivan Para Professional
Ms. Sherman Para Professional
Mrs. Heffernan Para Professional
Ms. Williams Para Professional
Mr. Whitty Para Professional
Ms. Whitty Para Professional
James, Katherine Custodian
Jones, Shirley Custodian
Sparrow, Civility Custodian
Toledo, Yanibis Custodian
Fowler, Lucy Custodian
Lee, James Custodian
Felder, Stacey Food Service
McDowell, Lender Food Service
Rodriquez, Daria Food Service
McDowell, Lender Food Service
Hidgon, Jennifer Food Service