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  Word Mover

Word Mover Interactive

This interactive app for iPads allows kids to create poems using word tiles, just as they would with magnetic poetry. Students can add their own words, change backgrounds, and share their poems. This app is from Read Write Think.


 Acrostic Poem Interactive

This interactive website allows students to create acrostic poems. After choosing a topic word for their poem, students will brainstorm words and phrases to describe the topic word. Remember, you must begin each line with the appropriate letter form your topic word. If you need help, you can move your mouse over the letters in your topic and see “hint words.” This app is from Read Write Think.


 Diamante Poem Interactive

Students can create poems in the shape of a diamond using this interactive website from Read Write Think. Students select a theme and then use adjectives, nouns, and verbs to “paint” the theme. There are several examples to help you learn about this type of poem.


Letter Poem

 Letter Poem Creator

Students can turn their letters into poems by breaking it up into stanzas. This interactive is from Read Write Think.




Riddle Interactive

Students can create riddle poems using similes and metaphors. You must create your riddle around an answer, like school or football, then brainstorm words associated with the answer (like synonyms and antonyms). This interactive is from Read Write Think.


 Shape Poems

Students can create shape poems (also known as concrete or theme poems) to write poems in the shape of an object. There are more than thirty different shapes from students to choose from. This interactive is from Read Write Think.


 Giggle Poetry

This website teaches students how to write different types of poems. There is also an online library of poetry for kids. This website is from Meadowbrook Press.

ScholasticWriting with Writers: Poetry

This website from Scholastic allows students to meet poets, read about their work, and find advice on writing poetry. There is also an interactive Poetry Idea Engine that will allow students to create their own poems.

Shel SilversteinShel Silverstein

This is the official Shel Silverstein website for students. This is a great website for students who are interested in his work.


Poetry Splatter

This website from Reading Planet allows students to splat their poems. You must choose a poem in your age group, Then when you splat the poem, a group of color-coded words sprays the work area. After you move your word choices to the open spots, you’ll have an instant poem.



Poetry 4 Kids

This website from Ken Nesbitt is a great website for students. Students can read, write, and share your poems here.